“Wallem Westminster and Adopt A Ship Teams’ Inspirational Visit to San Pedro Schools
Ignites a Wave of Educational Enthusiasm.”

George Hoyt, FNI, IMO Goodwill Maritime Ambassador and Chief Officer Jeffrey Aldas, Adopt A Ship Coordinator, recently embarked on a transformative visit to 8 San Pedro schools in Laguna, in collaboration with the Schools Division Office. The purpose of Ambassador Hoyt’s visit was to personally witness and engage with the students, teachers, and school heads involved in the Adopt A Ship (AAS) program across eight schools in San Pedro.
Expressing his gratitude to the dedicated members of the academic schools for their generous commitment to facilitating the program, he acknowledged them as essential partners in enriching students' interactive learning through Adopt A Ship program. Recognizing their pivotal role in promoting sustainable development goals, he honored them with an IMO pin, personally giving one pin to the leaders of each school.
Hoyt actively participated in various activities during his visit with the AAS Team and school supervisors,. He interacted with students and visited classrooms, imparting valuable geography lessons, and encouraging students to identify countries on a world map. The engagement also involved addressing maritime-related questions, fostering a dynamic and insightful discussion with the enthusiastic students. Hoyt's joyful demeanor and genuine enthusiasm resounded with the students, creating an engaging and positive atmosphere during the discussions. Witnessing the students' eagerness to learn about maritime topics and geography left Hoyt visibly delighted.
One notable highlight of his visit was the participation in a school-based activity organized by one of the schools. The event featured contests such as poster-making, galleon design, and lantern making. Hoyt, alongside members of one of the company partners, Wallem Westminster, served as judges and assisted in awarding prizes to the talented winners of the contests, further encouraging a sense of achievement among the students.
The following day, Ambassador Hoyt, renowned maritime advocate, extended his visit to two pioneering schools, Rosario Complex Elementary School and Chrysanthemum Village Elementary School, where AAS was initially introduced and had previously been implemented, in collaboration with Doehle Shipping and BSM Shipmanagement in 2023. Delighted to reconnect with the children, he shared joyful moments with the students and expressed gratitude for the Christmas cards personally made by students from various schools.
Hoyt commended the tremendous work of all these educators and expressed sincere gratitude for the very warm welcome extended by everyone he visited. His visit not only strengthened the AAS program but also left an enduring impression on the students, teachers, and school communities in San Pedro, Laguna. This served to underscore the significance of maritime education and a heightened sense of global awareness through Adopt A Ship programs.