“Empowering Creativity and Environmental Advocacy, via a SRES Adopt A Ship School-based Activity, Showcases Talents"

On January 17, 2024, San Roque Elementary School (SRES) took a bold step towards fostering creativity and skill development by organizing a school-based activity titled "Creative and Talented San Roquenians Adopt A Ship Program Contest." The event, consisting of Poster Making, Slogan Making, and Bottle Painting contests, aimed to enhance the students' creative learning and skill development under the theme ”Clean Seas: Combating the Waves of Pollution.”
A total of 36 students from grades 4, 5, and 6 enthusiastically participated in the activity, utilizing their creativity, artistry, and skills to delve into the theme of pollution prevention, protection, and conservation of the marine environment. The participants successfully conveyed powerful messages through their creative artworks, aligning with the specified criteria.
Mrs. Jane Rama, the school head, opened the program with a warm welcome, expressing gratitude to the Adopt A Ship (AAS) team and Marlow Navigation, through the presence of Capt. Gil Christ Jayma, for their presence and support. She discussed the theme, judging criteria, and reminded the participants of the activity rules. Capt. Jayma, in his speech, thanked the school for the warm welcome and underscored Marlow Navigation's dedication to supporting innovative academic initiatives. He emphasized the collaboration with Adopt A Ship as a means of enhancing student learning experiences through various activities and providing valuable support to the school. Chief Officer Jeffrey Aldas provided participants with ideas for their artwork by exploring the causes and effects of marine pollution, along with conservation and protection practices for the marine environment. After an hour of creative efforts, the artworks underwent evaluation, and the winners were identified. All participants were presented with certificates, while the winners were awarded cash prizes. The first-place recipient received 1,500 pesos, the second-place recipient received 1,000 pesos, and the third-place recipient received 500 pesos. Consolation prizes, accompanied by certificates, were also bestowed upon non-winners. The success of the activity was significantly attributed to the support and generosity of Marlow Navigation, as they contributed financial assistance for the prizes.
The winning participants were invited to the stage for the awarding ceremony, where the judges and special guests received certificates of participation as a gesture of appreciation. To convey their gratitude, the school presented the winning artworks to Marlow Navigation as a token of appreciation for their invaluable support. The event concluded with immeasurable joy and sense of accomplishment among the students.